Head Teacher Awards 20th September.

Watch out, Stan Lee! We have some budding comic artists in Nightingale Class. Theo, George and Lilou have though hard about their stories and characters. “Fireboy” (Theo), “Wind-Whip” (George) and “Wonder Woman” (Lilou) are fantastic comics. Well done.


P.E. Squirrel harvesting!


red squirrel

We have been learning about balls skills in PE this term by being little squirrels collecting our precious nuts for the winter, but those nuts seem to have a mind of their own! The children have been honing their control skills moving their nuts along twisted branch paths trying to guide them safely home.

Head Teacher Awards 13th September.

We have had a great week of learning. The children have settled in really well and I am so proud of all of them. The Head Teacher Awards this week go to Judah. He has been such a helpful boy this week. He sits ready to learn, he answers questions thoughtfully on the carpet and he offers to help where he can. He is a fantastic member of our class.

Tia and Finley also get an award this week. These two are fantastic mathematicians. Both offer great answers in our carpet discussions, but they are also mastering the art of setting their work out neatly as you can see below. Well done you two.

Welcome to Nightingale Class

mr munro avatar


Hello new Nightingales. Welcome back to school. I hope you had a good holiday. We are going to have a lot of fun this year.

P.E. is every Tuesday and Thursday, so remember to bring in your kits, starting the first full week back.

You can bring a water bottle (named) in too. We do have a water fountain in the classroom.

Have a great first day.

Mr Munro