Old technology!

old tech

I hope you all have a great half term. Relax and have fun! We are still doing our inventions topic after half term and I was wondering if any mums, dads, grandparents etc. might have some ‘old technology’ that they might like to let us borrow as a part of our topic. We are going to be looking at how technology has changed over the years and it would be great if the children could see and handle some of the things that we had as children. If you have time, please have a rummage in your attics and garages to help us with this. Thank you!

From Mr Munro

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P.S. please remember to have a go at our photography competition. If you can’t email the pictures to me, then please bring them on a memory stick and I will be able to get them ready for the blog in school.


Head Teacher Awards 21st October 2015

Awards this week go to Ava and Ilana

I have been so impressed with the way Ava has begun to polish her writing. She writes beautifully anyway, but now she is taking it to new levels by using her checklist and even writing her own bubble and step comments. It is lovely to see her taking her learning into her own hands. Here is her work:

Ava work

Ilana is listening really well to instructions. She was not joining up her writing and then, after looking at her step, she has begun to join up her writing. Fantastic work! Here is her work before:

Ilana before

…and here is her work afterwards.

Ilana after

Fantastic work girls! keep it up!

The great Autumn Nightingale photography competition

I was on a lovely walk in the woods today and I decided that we should have a half term competition. Can you find the most beautiful tree on a walk and take a photo of it? The only rule is that the photo has to be taken by you (not your mum, dad or other grown up!). Once you have taken it. Email it to me on jmunro@stphilips-school.org and I will post them all on our blog and announce the winner. The winner will get a prize!
Here are some of the photos I took on my walk. Have fun and get snapping. I will judge after half term. 


Dragons punished!


Oh dear. You may remember our trouble over the weekend with my dragons: Itchy, Scratchy, Spit, Bite, Bone and Claw. They decided to write their own blog post being rude about all of our lovely work. As a class, we had a discussion on this we remembered the second rule of e-safety: always be kind to people on the internet. We created some posters to illustrate this and they are published below and as for my six naughty dragons… they did get a red card and had to spend their lunch time in Mr Joy’s office. As an extra punishment they had to face the wall too!!


Here are our e-safety posters:

Head Teacher Awards 15th October 2015

I was blown away by the Autumn dances Nightingale Class have done today. They created some amazing and thoughtful leaf dances. Two children really stood out, however. These two girls worked as partners and were excellent at sparking ideas and movements off each other. They paid close attention to what was asked of them and they performed their dance with grace and precision. I was very pleased with Bethan and Georgia.

Here they are in action…

20151015_102355710_iOS 20151015_102436453_iOS 20151015_102550567_iOS 20151015_102550924_iOS