Algorithms and debugging!

bee bot image


Nightingale Class had a go at creating their own algorithms in our computing lesson today. They learned how to plan for and create an algorithm and then how to debug it if it was incorrect. They worked well as a team in this challenging activity.


algorithms 1 capture

algorithm 2 capture


Nightingales sweep Tag-Tails victory!

Nightingale class went down to Bath Community Academy to partake in the tag-tails tournament. Mr Gunning was impressed with the efficiency of the children in playing the games and we took part in 8 games (a record number of games for the tournament!).

Of those 8 games Nightingale class played, they won… all 8 games! The victories were hard fought for in many cases, but they all worked well as a team. I was most impressed with their effective teamwork and sportsmanship. They played with cunning and speed and the team that was not playing were fantastic at cheering on their team. Nightingale class were excellent ambassadors for our school and they should all be really proud of themselves.


Well done Team Nightingale!

tag tails

And the winning photograph is…

Nightingale class have taken some amazing Autumn photos for our competition. I have been very impressed with the quality of these photos. I presented them to Mrs Coppens to judge and she thought that they were all fantastic. There was one photograph that she really liked and chose to be the winner of the competition and the winner, as chosen by Mrs Coppens is…  Lilly! Mrs Coppens particularly liked the  tree in the foreground that was silhouetted. Well done Lilly for your amazing picture!

comp Lilly

Here are the other wonderful pictures from Nightingale Class.

Nightingale class autumn photos






Head teacher Awards 12th November 2015


Chase Johnson

Chase is a self-correcting king. Today, he was writing a sentence in our literacy lesson and when he looked at the checklist on the whiteboard, he realised that he had written a letter wrong. He then rubbed the letter out and wrote it correctly. It is lovely to see Chase taking his learning into his own hands and making his work even better. Well done Chase!


Jack Whitelock

I am really pleased with the way Jack is learning in school. He is beginning to think of himself as a learner and is now having a go at his work. He has really embraced his learning and is trying his best. I commend this new burst of diligence! Keep it up, Jack!

Head Teacher Awards 5th November 2015

I have been really impressed with the firework doodles that the children tried this week. They looked at a very complicated pattern as inspiration and tried to make their own. Lilly, Maisey and Corey are three fine examples of this. They did not rush their designs and looked carefully at the original picture. They worked at hard at this. I commend them.

Here the are: Maisey Lilly and Corey

Maisey fwlilly fwcorey fw