Head Teacher awards 28th January


I love it when children are so enthusiastic about their learning that they take their learning home with  them. Ava was so inspired by our cooking week last week that she went home and bought all of the ingredients for a stir fry and then went home  and cooked it all by her self for her whole family. She cut the vegetables using the right methods and even used chopsticks to eat it at the end. Well done Ava, it is lovely to see how much you loved learning about making Chinese food!



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Stir-fry recipie

stir fry giant


I am so glad that the children are keen to extend their learning at home by cooking you lovely parents some stir-fry. As a part of our new blog writing, some children are going to have a go at writing the recipe down for you. We are in the middle of writing these recipe masterpieces, but when they are finished you can all have a lovely meal… watch this space!