Chinese visitors

We had a real treat in Nightingale class today with Leo and Daisy, two Chinese teachers who came to our class to teach us about China. They showed us where their school was. The have 600 teachers in their school! Leo then showed us some of his skills in writing Chinese calligraphy. It was lovely to see the children so engaged and excited. It was especially lovely to see Ethan and Joseph shine in this sessions. They became teachers too, helping us with the pronunciation of some of the words and explaining what the characters meant.




Head Teacher Awards 6th January.




Well done to Bethan and Libby who have been very reflective in our work this week. They completed interesting and thoughtful ideas on their  New Year resolutions.

The best thing Libby mentioned from last year was going to Spain. She said that she can’t wait to go to the beach and have an ice cream this year. Her irresolution is to write six pages in her book and she wants to try to tidy her bedroom more. Great work Libby!

Bethan had a fond memory of swimming on her birthday. One of the best parts of last year for her was seeing her Papa and Nan. Her goals are to keep her desk tidy and read more books and her thing to try really hard at is to help her mum and dad.


What a pair of reflective girls. Great work!