Monet Mayhem!

We have been learning about flowers and plants over this term. In our art lesson, we learned about the artist Claude Monet. We looked at some of his work and we all loved the way he painted the flowers in his garden. We then had a go at painting our own… and here it is!


monet 1




Head Teacher awards 11th May

I have been really impressed with Sophie Holborn‘s attitude to learning and school recently. She is really working hard on her relationships and work within school. Keep it up, Sophie.

Tabitha has a lovely caring attitude to the people around her. She is always looking out for others. It is a really wonderful attribute to her character.

Head Teacher awards 27th April

These awards were chosen by Mr Lanzani, our Norland Nanny as it is his last day tomorrow.

Ethan has really impressed Mr Lanzani because he has always shown a kind and positive attitude to all aspects of school life, including his work in class and time with his friends. Well done Ethan.

Libby has impressed Mr Lanzani with her respect and polite manners every day that he has spent in Nightingale Class.


I totally agree with both of these awards and the children thoroughly deserve them.


Well done Ethan and Libby.