Goodbye Nightingales!

james brown

What an amazing year we’ve had! Thank you all, my Nightingales for a fantastic time in my class. We have learned so much this year… we have traveled to space and looked at the stars. We have become Victorian children and worked in the factories and found the Pure. We have been meteorologists and studied the local weather patterns. We have climbed up the Faraway Tree and visited the land of Take-What-You-Want and the land of Goodies… and the land of Dame Slap. We have held our noses whilst visiting Billy William’s Right Royal Meats butchers shop. We have rolled around on the grass with that great big whopper of a dog Jakey. We have climbed up the dizzy heights of the 13 storey treehouse. We have survived desert islands by taking advice from Bear Grylls. We have been noun hounds. We have owned our own magical menageries and cared for our Fizzooks. We have been bloggers, monet artists, geographers, writers, mathematicians, William Morris printers, biologists, dancers, singers and jokers. We have also been James Brown-getting funky-I feel good-groovers!

Thanks for an epic journey kids… have a great holiday!


love from Mr Munro

70s funk 2017