Debugging algorithms

We have been looking at positional language in maths and have been trying to use the correct commands to move an object. Yesterday we moved Mr Munro around the room just by giving him one step commands. The children are now honing this skill by drawing simple programmes for moving a toy across a grid using simple commands (algorithms) and then when they do not work, adapting them (debugging the algorithms). Some of the children are using the A.L.E.X. app on the ipads, which do the same job.


Head Teacher Awards

Well done to Oscar for working so hard this year. he has improved so much in his maths and is going form strength to strength. I am so proud of his effort.¬†Corina¬†impressed her supply teacher yesterday by showing a very mature attitude in the fairy tale drama lesson. She gave up her role as being an elf as another child wanted it and settled for being the Shoemaker’s Wife instead. It was very mature of her and it made the lesson go really well. Thanks for your input, Corina.