Arts week

What a lot of fun we’ve had in our Arts Week! We used the Holburne Museum’s ‘take one picture’ project and took inspiration around the picture. We also looked at the Palladian Bridge and drew art, design and technology inspiration from the world famous bridge.

Nightingale concert!

We had the pleasure of having our own special concert this afternoon. Amelie bought her violin in and performed some songs to us. She played like a true professional and wasn’t nervous about playing in front of an audience. It was a real treat. Thank you, Amelie!

Head Teacher awards 3rd May

We had a fantastic time at Hampset Cricket Ground on Wednesday. The whole class was brilliant! I was particularly pleased with George, Amelia, Theo and Finley. These children enthusiastically tackled all of the tasks given. They were excellent sportsmen and women and were a real asset to the class and the school. Well done, you four!