Head Teacher Award 21st December.

If ever you need an ambassador for our school, Jessica is your girl! She is always polite and helpful, she thinks of others first and diligently seeks to do her best in all that she does. What more could I ask for?


Head Teacher Awards 14th December


cubist heart


cubist heart2


cubist heart3


Ava, Sonny and Phea are budding ‘cubist’ artists who have shown their creativity in their paintings this week. They chose the colours and though hard about the patterns. Their diligence has paid off as you can see.


Dare to Write winners


dare to write winners

Well! I’ve had a hard time judging this competition as the children have all clearly loved writing in their books. I was going to choose one winner and one runner up, but in the end, I chose two winners and two runners up.

The winners are: Joseph H and Olive. Joseph wrote a fantastic superhero story with lots of exciting language in which really captured my attention and Olive wrote some interesting and very funny ideas in her book that made me laugh. Lovely work from both of them. The two runners up are: Jessica and  Lilou. Both girls created excellent pieces of work. Jessica wrote many pages of her story and it was both exciting and involving. Lilou wrote and illustrated a brilliant story about bunnies!

Well done to those four and also well done to everyone else who wrote in their books. I enjoyed looking through them. I was a real pleasure!