Head Teacher awards 26th May

We have been very busy this week.

Firstly well done to all of the children in Nightingale class for completing our quizzes. They are now finally finished. What fantastic children they are!

HT awards go to:  Ava, Amelie and Vaibhav. Amelie and Vaibhav have taken such care on their cityscape of Bath art. They had to draw the picture, paint it with watercolours and then go over it in black pen and as you can see, they look amazing.:






Ava has done some amazingly technical writing in her English this week. She created a blank verse poem with expanded noun phrases , commas in lists and exclamation statements. This is a lovely piece of work:



Head Teacher award catch up!

Well, well, it’s been rather hectic in school over the last few weeks and I have realised that I have not posted the previous head teacher awards so here they are:

10th March

The HT award was awarded to Nancy E. She was being very helpful and positive to the supply teacher who was teaching Nightingale Class. She showed great attitude to her work. Thanks Nancy for being a great ambassador for our class whilst I was away.

Ben M received his award for being consistently polite and helpful to the supply teacher. He ignored distractions and got changed for PE really well. He was also spotted by Miss Harris for walking beautifully in the corridor all week. Thanks, Ben. It’s lovely to see you concentrating on your work.


17th March

Sam K and Corey S received an award for being excellent examples of how to work well in class. They both listen well and are always ready to learn. They are both super role models to have in Nightingale Class. I am so pleased with their positive work ethic. Keep it up boys!


14th April

Corey S is clearly on fire with his learning! He thought hard about his letter writing and used fantastic turn of phrase in his persuasive letter.


21st April

Ezra B and Sam K have proved themselves to be fantastic at approaching our ‘quizzes’ with a positive ‘have-a-go’ attitude. I love the way these boys punch the air and cheer when I say I have another quiz for them to do.


29th April

Wow to Bailain W! He has loved our writing this week and wrote a whole page of his writing. This is the most he has ever written. He was so proud of his achievement and so am I.


So there you go. we are up to date. The children have worked so hard with their SATs this week. They are all super stars in my eyes.




Mr Munro




Spelling change

Hi all


Just a note to say that we are changing the amount of time the children have to learn their spellings. From next week onwards (Monday 9th May) they will be getting spellings from Monday to Monday. This means that they will get new spellings every Monday. They will then have one whole week to learn them and have the test for those spellings on the next Monday. They will then receive new spellings on that same day for the next week. They will be getting ten spellings each week.



Mr Munro


Head Teacher Awards 5th May

Wow! the children are working hard at the moment. I am so pleased with all of their efforts when it comes to the revision they are doing for their SATs. I am so proud of them all.


HT award for this week goes to Lilly. I was really impressed with Lilly’s courage in PE this week. She had to jump off a high box and was scared. I held her hand and she made it fine. The next time she came to do it, she attempted it all on her own and jumped beautifully off the box. I was so impressed that I got her to have another go and show all of the class her new skill. Lilly was still a little frightened, but she did it a third time. What a star gymnast! Well done for overcoming your fears, taking risks and having a go.

You totally deserve this head teacher’s award this week.