Spring Topic Web

Our topic is about China this term. Below is our topic web for the term:



Head teacher awards 11th January

I am pleased with Molly’s effort in her character writing this week. Not only was she inspired to write about an interesting character, she also had a go at joining up her writing. A real achievement.


Josie was really inspired by our traditional tales work and wrote a fantastic piece of descriptive writing about a setting. She used lovely language. Well done.



Healthy food

We have been finding out about what animals eat. We found out that animals that eat only plants are called herbivores and animals that only eat meat are called carnivores. We also found out that some animals eat both plants and meat. They are called omnivores.


We are omnivores too. We then thought about what types of food we eat and discovered that some foods are healthier than others. We had a go at making our own healthy lunchbox.