World Book Day



We’ve had a fantastic day today for World Book Day.  We dressed up, listened to lots of stories and had lots of fun. The children went into different classrooms and did a different workshop in each class. They wrote book reviews, made bookmarks, cut and stuck pictures and had a go at performance poetry. All in all, we had a great day.


Don’t forget that the St. Philips Book Fair is sill on tomorrow, Friday 8th March, in the spare classroom if you want to spend your tokens. You have until 31st March to spend your £1 tokens. You can use them in any bookshop. Happy spending and happy reading!

Helicopter scientists!

We had a go at making our own experiments thinking about how to conduct fair tests. We made helicopters and then used different masses to see how they would change the rate of descent. The children thought about what they would have to do to make their tests fair and they came up with some great ideas.

Head Teacher awards 8th March

Well done to Edward who showed brilliant scientific reasoning skills in our science lesson this week. He had some fantastic suggestions to make our tests fair. He also offered interesting predictions as to what might happen when we drop home-made helicopters with different masses from the same height. Edward is an amazing scientist!