Head Teacher Awards 24th February


I have been really pleased with Morgan over the last few weeks. He is trying really hard with his number formation. He has worked hard to get his numbers the right way around and it is lovely to see him working so hard at his maths.


Josie has also impressed me this week with her inquisitive nature. She loves asking me what words mean and I have been kept on my toes making sure that I explain new concepts clearly. Great work, Josie!


Head Teachers Award 9th February

Well done to Ethan and Isabella who have written a fantastic diary of life as a Victorian child. They both captured the spirit of the age and the horrors that Victorian children had to endure. Brilliant work from both of them. Also, well done to Sohan who persevered through our ‘resilience’ lesson and followed some complicated instructions to make an origami cicada. He had to listen carefully and follow the instructions. He learned a lot about being resilient when the learning is tough and produced a great model in the end. Fantastic Sohan!